Can I add other products to be shipped along with my box?

Yes you absolutely can! Please check the steps below or check out this video made by Shilah:

How to Add Items to Your Box

  1. There are two ways you can add items to your Box. The first one is that on your Simply Earth Account, you will be greeted with items that you may want added to your Monthly Recipe Box:

2. Just click on ADD on the item that you would like to include in your box, and then indicate how many would you like to add:

3. Then you will be given the option to either ship it now as a separate order, or ship it with your box:

4. By Clicking on Add it, your order will now be updated and will show you the newly added item along with the box.

5. The second method would be under Manage Upcoming Orders:

6. A pop-up with your Order List will then appear. Click on Add to Your Order to get a list of items that you can add to your box:

7. Afterwards, just follow Steps 2 to 3 and you have successfully added items to your box.

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