How Do I Skip a Box?

Sure thing! You can do that by logging in to your account and then clicking “Manage My Subscriptions” on the left side of your account panel. You can also click SKIP THIS MONTH in the Manage Upcoming Orders section towards the bottom of your account page. Check out this video made by Shilah, or follow the instructions below:

How to Skip Boxes

  1. On your Simply Earth Account, scroll down under Manage Upcoming Orders, and on the box that you would like to skip, click on Manage Your Box:

  1. A pop-up will appear and you can click on Skip This Box at the bottom:

  1. This will then open another pop-up, confirming if you would like to skip the said box:

  1. Once you click on Skip this Box, you will get a confirmation message saying that the box has been successfully skipped. Please bear in mind that skipping the box will only take effect if done at least a day before the actual shipping date.

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