How to Stop and Resume My Subscription

You may check this video OR follow the instructions below:

How to Cancel

  1. From your Account, Click on Manage My Subscription:

  1. A pop-up will show up and then please click on Disable Subscription Autorenewal:

  1. You will be given the option to PAUSE for a few months or CANCEL your account. If you have decided on cancelling your subscription, click on Cancel Subscription:

  1. You may also be asked for the reason for your cancellation, which you will be free to choose and prompted for an option. If you're decided to cancel, then click on Cancel Subscription.

  1. If you choose to cancel, you will be offered to Get $15 Off of your next 3 Recipe Boxes. You can still choose to Cancel Subscription if you really need to.

  1. Once successful, you will be prompted with the message below to confirm the cancellation and you will also be asked for some feedback. Please bear in mind that cancelling the subscription will only stop the box for that month if done at least a day before the actual shipping date.

  1. After agreeing, there will be a confirmation pop-up of the cancellation.

Note: To Resume your Subscription, log on to your account and click on the Resume Box. This will set you up with your next box on your preferred Shipping Date.

NOTE: Please be reminded that for 6 months and 12 months commitments, your cancellation will take effect at the end of your commitment.

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