What’s the difference between your oils and the big brands out there?

We pride ourselves on having the purest oils on earth. Our oils will either meet or exceed the big brand’s quality. 

We are not an MLM company. We source our pure oils directly and ethically from small farms in small batches, bottle them at our facility in Hingham, WI, and then sell the oils directly to you with no middle man. That's why we’re able to charge so much less than a lot of other big essential oil companies, while still delivering stellar quality.

We are a family-owned business that is passionate about helping our customers create a toxin-free home. We are also a socially conscious brand, striving to be world changers by sourcing our oils ethically and by giving 13% of our profits to help end human trafficking. We do sell individual oils and other EO accessories, but our favorite thing is our Essential Oil Recipe Box, which teaches customers how to take control and make their home toxin-free. Not only do we have an online store, but we also partner with small businesses all over the country (and beyond!) who sell our oils for a profit -- and they keep every penny! You can check out the Store Locator on our website to find Simply Earth oils in a store near you!

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