How to Exchange Oils

Yes, you can exchange the oils that come in your box for different oils for a small fee of $2 per oil when the exchange oil’s price is within $2 of the original oil. 

You can check this video, or follow the instructions below:

Example: You aren’t a fan of Lemongrass Essential Oil, which costs $8.99 when purchased alone. For only $2, you can exchange Lemongrass with any oil we have that costs up to $10.99. 

How to Exchange Oils

  1. On your Simply Earth Account, scroll down to Manage Upcoming Orders, and then click on Manage Your Box:

  1. A pop-up will appear and then click on See What’s Inside to view the contents of your box:

  1. From the list, please choose the oils that you would like to swap out, and  then click on Exchange Oil:

  1. Another pop-up will show with the Oil Swap Policy. You can then search which oil you wanted to exchange with the chosen oil. To confirm the selection, please click on Exchange Oil:

  1. Once completed, your product list should now look like this:

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