Ambassador Code & Tracking Link FAQs

How do I access my ambassador account?

All ambassador accounts are created through a program called Refersion. Your login and password is sent to you via email after you are accepted into the program. If you forget your password, use the "Forgot Your Password" link. Make sure you log into the "Affiliate" login. Refersion is FREE for all ambassadors. 

Once you log in, Ambassadors can access the following: 

  • Ambassador Code
  • Affiliate referral link
  • Creatives
  • Conversion Details
  • Payment History
  • Paypal Information
  • Account Settings
  • Commission Information

Login link:

What is my ambassador code? 

Your ambassador code is connected to your Refersion account. Whenever your ambassador code is used, Refersion will automatically track it. You’ll be able to see when someone uses your code from inside your Refersion account. 

Your ambassador code is a code that can only be applied to Simply Earth Recipe Box subscription purchases. When they subscribe, a customer can apply the code to their box and they will receive a $40 gift card. This gift card will be emailed to them after their purchase. This gift card can be used on any future purchases. 

What is my ambassador code good for?

Ambassador codes will give first time subscribers a free $40 gift card with purchase of their first box. The gift card is not a discount on their purchase. It’s an actual gift card which they will receive in their email after subscribing and paying for their first box. The gift card can be used on future purchases. Ambassador codes can only be applied on the subscription box.

What is my affiliate link? 

Your affiliate link is located in your Ambassador account, right on the front page of your dashboard. You can copy the full link or use the bitly (a shortened link) option located below.

Your affiliate link is our way of tracking the sales you have referred. Once your follower or friend clicks on your affiliate link, it will take them directly to When a follower makes a purchase using your affiliate link you earn rewards and commissions. 

To view your affiliate link, log into Refersion

The affiliate link you share on social media or on a blog post does not expire and will generate a commission each time a follower uses it and purchases something with it.  

You can also create an affiliate link to any Simply Earth product. To do so, log into Refersion and choose “create link to specific page” under link options. 

If someone chooses to subscribe to our Recipe Box using your affiliate link, your ambassador code will automatically be applied. 

What is the difference between my ambassador code and affiliate link? 

Your ambassador code can only be used on Recipe Box Subscriptions and allows subscribers to receive a $40 gift card upon payment.

Your affiliate link can be used to gain commission on any Simply Earth product and will automatically apply your ambassador code discount. When someone uses your affiliate link it will take them directly to and any purchase they make will give you a commission. 

Both your code and your link are connected to your Refersion account and will track sales and commissions.  

Can they use my ambassador code with other discounts? 

Your Ambassador code cannot be combined with any other discount code at checkout. If there is a different promotion going on, the new subscriber will have to choose which discount to use. Your ambassador code discount, or the other promotion. If the new subscriber chooses the other promotion, you will still receive a commission as long as they have used your affiliate link.

If a follower forgot to use my ambassador code or affiliate link, can it still be applied post purchase?

All sales are final and cannot be undone or changed. We are not able to apply your ambassador code after they have already paid for their order. This is why we encourage you to always share your ambassador referral link with your code, allowing you to receive credit on every sale.

Will my ambassador code work on a NON-subscription box purchase?

Your ambassador code discount will not work without the subscription box. But you can still earn commissions on non-recipe box items if a follower or friend uses your affiliate link. This includes items on sale or with other promotions. 

As long as you use your affiliate link, any purchases will give you commission. 

Can I use my own ambassador code or affiliate link?

You cannot use your own ambassador code when subscribing to the box because personal purchases made through your own referral link do not count as valid referrals. You will not gain commissions on purchases you make yourself using your own affiliate link. 

How do I track my sales and commission?

Easy! Just login to your Ambassador account in Refersion with your email and password (you will receive this once you get approved). This will allow you to track your sales and the commission you earn. Just a reminder that your ambassador code is good for a free $40 gift card and you’ll receive a 30% commission on each subscription box referral.

Side note: At this time, Refersion, our program system, doesn’t allow you to see who purchased using your code and we can’t give out that information because of the data privacy act (just in case you were curious!).

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