What is the Recipe Box Rewards Program?

We just made your Simply Earth Essential Oil Journey more EARTH-TASTIC with the new Recipe Box Rewards Program!

Here's a quick video from Shilah, or you can check some of the information below:

What is the Recipe Box Rewards Program?

Our Recipe Box Rewards Program aims to make you, our beloved subscribers, get more value for staying with us. These rewards are inspired to make your journey with us more fun, and educational, as we work towards sharing the joys and benefits of living a Toxin-free lifestyle.

Who is this for?

This is for all our Recipe Box Subscribers, both current and new. At launch, Subscribers will enjoy the full benefit of our Recipe Box Rewards Program as soon as they sign up and for as long as they stay as Active Subscribers.

How does this work?

Recipe Box Subscribers automatically get the benefit of our Recipe Box Rewards Program once they subscribe, and on launch for our current subscribers. Once you log on to your account, you’ll be able to see the Rewards Block on the lower part of the screen. Hovering over these boxes will give you a preview of your upcoming rewards, and redeeming these rewards will have them auto-applied to next month’s Recipe Box.

Until when can I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem your rewards within a 60-day period of earning it. In the event that the rewards have been unclaimed, they will be forfeited.

What if I skip this month’s Recipe Box?

Your rewards would continue counting where you left off on the next box that you opt to receive from us. This way, you can continue receiving our box, and the rewards when you're ready. 

What if I cancel my subscription?

While we hate to see you go, your Box Rewards will not be reset and will pick up from where you left off, once you resubscribe back to us. 

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