New Subscription Payment Options

How does this work?

The new subscription payment options will allow our customers to enjoy the current Simply Earth Recipe Boxes with more added value. Customers will now have the option to opt for longer commitments with lower box prices and will now be entitled to the new Recipe Box Rewards Program.

What are my options?

Customers can choose between Monthly, 6 Month, and 12 Month commitments, with lower Recipe Box Prices the longer your commitment is.

Monthly: $44.99

6 Months: $42.99

12 Months: $39.99

Can I still cancel anytime?

Customers can still cancel anytime. Customers who have opted to commit for 6 months, and 12 months, are free to process their cancellation requests at any time, but will take effect at the end of their commitment period. 

What if I wanted to modify my subscription ahead of my commitment?

Our Earth-tastic Guides can help you with that. Just call us at 866-330-8165 or email us at every Monday - Friday 7AM - 3PM CT.

I was not aware of the Price Increase (RBS)

For July Only: RBS who has been moved to the $44.99 Monthly Plan, was discounted $5.99 automatically. This allows until Jul 31, 2022, to make an adjustment to whatever pricing structure a customer would like selected moving forward.

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